Transaction successful

Thank you for your purchase!

Here are the next steps.

  • Open a ticket through our secure ticket system
    • Include in title "product nameinstallation support" or indicate the product in your message body and license key where applicable.
    • cPanel access for web installation
    • Provide us with details of your support request. Be descriptive as possible.
    • Provide URL you intend to have this product installed
  • If your server is local, please download and run the Teamviewer plugin using the link below to allow us to remotely assist with installation.
  • You will get an email correspondence for your ticket for any further information we may need and update status of the installation.
Once the plugin is running, we will receive a notification that will allow us to access your local server. This plugin does not install any software on your server nor does require installation of the full Teamviewer software. Once we connect, installation may take between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the configuration that is needed on your server. You have chosen one-time installation support and therefore, once installation is completed, that terminates the session. Any further installation support will require a new subscription. If you voluntarily quit the plugin before the session ends, it will count as a completed session.