JOBL - Job-board for outsourcing projects
JOBL - Job-board for outsourcing projects

JOBL - Job-board for outsourcing projects

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JOBL is a Laravel based applications for outsourcing jobs. You can utilize it as an internal job-board, a micro-jobs site or as a standalone job website. It also gives applicants a one click job application having completed their profile.
Each approved job application has dedicated conversation page that you can to communicate with the applicant. JOBL is easy to install and configure.

You can view demo at
Admin: / password
User: / password 


- Responsive
- User management
- Roles and permissions
- Custom skills and categories
- Email notifications when user applies, job status changes or posts on conversation.
- Access to debug logs to monitor user generated errors in your application.


Note: This is a Laravel based application. You should be familiar with how Laravel application is installed. If not, contact us through our website 


  • SSH access
  • MySQL database


  • Create a database
  • Unzip files to your installation directory
  • Run composer install
  • Copy .env.example to .env, then open .env file and enter you database information and SMTP settings
  • Run php artisan migrate --seed
  • Run php artisan key:generate

Note: if you are on a local server, you can run php artisan serve to access your installation from browser at http://localhost:8000
You will have a default accounts (admin functionalities are limited in demo mode) / password / password

Stripe payouts

  • Users with be required to enter their Stripe API keys
  • You will need to enter your credit/debit card to pay a user who has enabled Stripe on their account

PayPal payout

  • You must have a business account to use this feature.
  • Go to businessprofile → mytools → my selling tools → website preferences
  • Turn on Auto Return
  • Enter your return url as
  • Turn on Payment Data Transfer
  • Turn on Instant payment notifications and enter​

Whats new

Version 2.1
  • Stripe payout integration
  • users need to have a Stripe account. Admin doesn't. Admin pays with credit/debit card
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated roles and permissions control
  • Updated user account