Small Business Management System
Small Business Management System

Small Business Management System

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Small Business Management System is a lightweight platform based on Laravel framework that suitable for both small businesses and freelancers to manage invoices, projects, track expenses, and contacts. 

## Requirements 
- SSH access
- Composer
- MySQL database
- PHP>=7.1.0


Invoicing system

  • Create quick invoices
  • Add items which can also be pre entered as inventory
  • Log manual payments
  • Allow your clients to pay via Stripe using their credit cards

Expenses tracker
Easily view add your expenses and you can sort them by year.
Track project tasks payments as expenses
Associate an expense with a registered user

Project management
Create a project and assign it to a client (user must have a client role to be available in projects)
Create milestones
Add tasks to milestones
Assign individual tasks to team members
Assign team members to the project
Communicate easily with clients and team members within the project
Share files within the project

Manage business contacts in a central location
Contacts are available to users as business directory

User management

Roles and permissions Complete access control for each module in the application
Create roles and assign permissions on who should should read, create, update or delete records


Technical support is not included in this application. Please contact Evanto Team for support. Bugs can be reported at and we will fix them with the next update. We are continually working to make this application better. Please post comments on any improvements you would like to see in the future..

- We offer installation and application support at a small fee. Please visit for more information.


This is a Laravel based application. Please review Laravel documentation to understand how to configure it.

If you need assistance with installation, please send a support ticket at
  • Extract contents to your desired root directory
  • Create a MySQL database
  • Rename .env.example to .env in your home directory and update it to match your desired configuration including database connection
  • Open terminal inside root directory and run composer install
  • Once composer completes installing vendors, run php artisan migrate --seed
  • Run php artisan storage:link
  • Default user account is / password

    Security Vulnerabilities

    If you discover a security vulnerability within the application, please send us a message. All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.